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Educational Trips by NIE

‘NIE’, an initiative of the Times of India, had organised educational trips for the students of Springfield School on the 27th and 28th September, 2018.

The students of Stds. IV-VII were taken to Molly Moo Ice-cream Parlour located in Vaishali Nagar. The students were enlightened about the process by which ice-creams are made and the health benefits of Molly Moo ice-creams as compared to other brands of ice-creams. They saw the techniques used to make a waffle cone and other scoop ice-creams. They were rewarded with a cup of ice-cream at the end. They came back with a big smile.

The students of Std. VIII-XII visited the International Horticulture Innovation and Training Centre at Durgapur where they were exposed to a number of horticultural techniques like disease-free cultivation, drip irrigation, green house effect and the production as well as the use of vermicompost for the healthy growth of plants.