Elocution and Extempore Competition

Elocution and Extempore Competition

  • Springfield School


The students confidently delivered their views and opinions by altering their postures, using gestures, modulating their voices and exhibiting fluency of speech.

English Elocution – Std. VI- VIII

1st Prize – Topaz House, Bhavya Saxena (Std.VIII-B)

2nd Prize  – Garnet House , Monika Marvel (Std.VI-B)

3rd Prize   – Garnet House, Freya Sharma (Std.VIII-C)

Hindi Elocution – Std. VI-VIII

1st Prize – Emerald House, Vanshika Gupta (Std.VIII-C)

2nd Prize – Garnet House, Anvi Jain (Std. VII-A)

3rd Prize – Garnet House, Vansh Mittal (Std.VIII-B)

English Extempore – Std.IX – XII

1st Prize – Garnet House, Lokasvi Prakash (Std.IX-C)

2nd Prize – Garnet House, Hemant Dangi (Std.XII-B)

3rd Prize – Sapphire House, Geetika Sharma (Std.XII-B)

Hindi Extempore – Std. IX-XII

1st Prize – Garnet House, Aryan Mathur (Std.X-A)

2nd Prize – Garnet House, Harsh Jain (Std.XII-B)

3rd Prize – Sapphire House, Suhaani Jain (Std.X-A)