Middle Marvels [Classes 6 to 8]

Middle school education aims to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded curriculum that supports the intellectual, emotional, and social development of students during a critical phase of their educational journey.

The middle school curriculum is designed to provide a broad educational foundation, helping students explore their interests and preparing them for more specialized studies in high school. It aims to nurture well-rounded individuals with a diverse skill set and a solid academic foundation.

Subject Excellence
Preparing students for future academic pursuits and careers.
Linguistic Mastery in English, Hindi, Sanskrit and French languages. Problem-solving and critical thinking in Mathematics, Science and other subjects.

Integral Skills
Foundation skills required to get success in both academic and professional pursuits.
By mastering in critical thinking, communication skills and problem solving skills, students become confident.

Emotional Intelligence
Character Education, ethics, integrity and social responsibility. Teamwork and Collaboration.
Group projects and collaborative activities for Developing interpersonal skills. Organization and Time Management: Planning and organizing tasks, Time management skills

Innovative Crafts
Up cycling Techniques to repurpose and transform everyday items into new and functional pieces of art.
Mixed Media Art by combining various materials like paper, fabric, and objects to create unique multimedia projects.

Artistic Appreciation
Exposure to music and dance contributes to a well-rounded education that includes the fine arts, fostering an appreciation for beauty and aesthetics.